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Welcome to Robert Epner & Associates


Who we are ...

  • Robert Epner & Associates (RE&A) is a specialized consultancy dedicated to helping financial services firms dramatically improve operations and expand their offering into new markets, new products and new segments.


What we believe ...

  • In these challenging times, financial services companies, while seeing growth in new businesses and geographies, know the game has changed.  There are new imperatives:




Growth and efficiency are two sides of the same coin. 

Business plans need to be more thorough.



Old trade-offs no longer apply. 

New technologies need local touch and global synergy.



Business boundaries have changed. 

Processes need to work across borders.



Employees seek to be globally connected. 

Talent needs to be networked and engaged.



Silos create risk hot spots. 

Risk management needs to be better integrated.



Organizations have become too complex. 

Governance needs to be aligned and straightforward.



We believe, in these challenging times of lean resources and exciting

opportunities, an experienced partner can make all the difference. 

RE&A is ready to be your partner.




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