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Is RE&A For You?

Is your company facing any of these situations?



We are launching a new phase of growth.

Do you plan to utilize your current home country and international operations to leverage growth?  Does your management and governance structure need to be updated to support growth plans and manage complexity?



Our scale and synergies across businesses/countries do not live up to potential.

Have you taken a fresh look at synergies from standardized product/process/technology platforms?  Have you considered ways to standardize while still supporting local agility for marketing and customer service?



We want to execute post-merger integrations faster and more smoothly.

How well integrated are your existing businesses?  Are your current processes, products, and systems scalable for your acquisitions?



We look to build an effective risk management culture that can align diverse business and country operations.

Are corporate standards met while still recognizing local regulations and growth needs?  Are proper metrics in place to ensure control without stifling initiative?



RE&A specializes in assisting companies in all of the above situations.  We look forward to talking with you about your specific needs. 




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