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"Bob worked at light speed to complete an in-depth competitive analysis for our Association.  He demonstrated industry insight and an ability to get to the primary data sources with his excellent relationship building skills and well developed connections.  His work was invaluable to helping me make the empirical case to our Board on a key strategic decision."  

Jeff Hughes, CEO GAMA International (a major insurance industry association)

"Bob Epner has completed several strategic analyses  for us over the last few months.  His work is insightful and his approach rigorous.  His analyses enabled us to focus on the initiatives that we believe will produce long term growth and profitability.  Clearly, we will continue to use Bob for other projects."


Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, one of Canada's largest insurance companies (name and reference available upon request)


Operational Excellence Initiative:  ING Asia/Pacific



" . . .  On my part, I have increasingly developed an enormous amount of respect for the way in which your focus and selfless dedication created a culture of operational excellence that the region has benefited from enormously and will further benefit from in the future . . . It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with you , Bob . . ." 


Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Executive Board ING Group


" . . . As CEO of ING Life Korea at the time, I experienced your program from the beginning and even today we are seeing the results of that program ... your program was the foundation for the current standardization within the region . . . we still benefit from the common operational language, KPI's and processes . . . So thank you for the work.  The benefits will help ING for many years to come."


Ron van Oijen, CEO ING Asia/Pacific Sub-region




"Bob was a visionary Operations leader for ING Asia/Pacific that managed to tie together various competing factions of Operations and IT people and started them working towards common goals.  As Chief Technology Officer, I learned a lot about the power of process and how strong IT can be when it is focused by an enthusiastic business leader.  From Six Sigma to Business Process Management, I learned a lot from Bob.  His willingness to understand IT concerns and constraints and work with technology groups to make sure everyone understood the business was a key differentiator and made our multi-country Business Process Automation program successful."


Shannon Murphy, Chief Technology Officer, ING Asia/Pacific




"Bob has the ability to let people feel that working is fun and worth the extra mile.  The way Bob introduced operational efficiency as a regional priority, getting all the countries on board, and transforming the gloomy back office into glamour departments in all those countries, was impressive, against all odds.  Bob made a difference and one of his strengths is that he enables others to do so as well in their own ways."


David Garceran Nieuwenburg, Regional Head of e-Business, ING Asia/Pacific




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